The Newest Generation of Smartphones – The Samsung Galaxy A12


Samsung Galaxy A12 smartphone has been launched in the UK on 24th December. The device comes with an impressively large 6.50-inch full-touch screen with a high definition pixel density of 1080 pixels per inch and an optical heart rate sensor. This gives the user a strong multi-tasking performance and also an excellent user interface. The browser on the Samsung Galaxy A12 offers easy navigation with tabbing functionality and web navigation buttons are easy to press and hold. Galaxy A12

However, one of the best parts of this smartphone is its camera which comes with some unique features. The lens of the Samsung Galaxy A12 can be adjusted according to what you prefer with a dual image adjustment feature. There is also a self-cleaning sensor incorporated in the Samsung Galaxy A12, which promises a long-lasting battery life. There is also an eye-catching ringtone system which offers various tones for different purposes such as messaging, music, calling and Internet browsing.

The Samsung Galaxy A12 comes with four gigabytes of memory which is ample for all the apps. It also comes with an internal storage which is more than sufficient to download all the required apps and games. Samsung has used a standard sized handset for this device, which makes it very easy to use and manage. You can add or remove extra storage devices using the USB port and this will allow you to customize the size of the memory which is present inside the smartphone.

There are several things which may put you off using this smartphone. Firstly the screen size which is just a bit larger than that of an average handset may be a turn off for many. However, the brightness and sharpness of the screen make up for its small size. Secondly the RAM of the Samsung Galaxy A12 is just slightly higher than that of the iPhone 4 and hence it performs better than the latter. Lastly the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy A12 lasted for a good two hours and forty five minutes. This was far longer than the life of the iPhone 4 which had a maximum battery life of just two hours.

The Samsung Galaxy A12 has a powerful processor and great cameras which have twenty six megapixel and eight mega-pixel cameras. There is a wide range of shooting modes including normal, night modes, digital zoom, optical zoom, shutter speed, color filters, video modes and other special effects modes. There is also a motion sensor which works effectively in all situations.

Samsung has again outdone itself with this smartphone as it provides a very user friendly interface with excellent touch screen performance. The Android interface used in this phone has been designed especially well to suit this high tech gadget. The user interface has been designed so well that it allows you to use your Samsung Galaxy A12 on your home laptop or desktop, as well as on your tablet. The battery life of the smartphone is very long and you can expect about two hours of usage of the smartphone.

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